John Anthony, Founder - LRDA, Indian Salsa King

John Anthony is the pioneer and founder of LRDA, IIDC and GILF , 2 of the most famous dance festivals in ASIA He is the first person to host a Aisa Open Championship in a Non-Latin country. He has been the man behind putting INDIA on the global map of Latin dancing and making INDIA one of the most sought after destinations for Latin dancing around the world.

John Anthony's passion for dance started at a very young age. As a kid he was fascinated by the free and exhilarating feel dance would bring. John trained hard for 13 years to master Latin dance forms and then he wanted to impart his dancing sagacity to others, hence started teaching dance. Soon it dawned upon John that Bengaluru seriously lacked infrastructure for aspiring dancers. John decided to quit his high paying corporate job and start a dance academy and thus LRDA was born in 2006.

But it was not a cake walk, but John braved the rough weather. His hardwork ensured that things started falling into its place, his students started performing at national and International Stage. His brush with fame came when he tutored a visually challenged student into a Salsa expert. Today John has achieved what one can only dream off, John has successfully put India on global map for dance through his extensive dedication and commitment, John has become the first person to conduct international level dance congress in a non-latin country, John has trained over 15,000 Students and has provided them with enough opportunities to exhibit their talent.

John is Multi-faceted, he loves DJing and he is India's Only International DJ. He is an expert in corporate events management and has conducted events at Infosys, Oracle, Accenture, Samsung, HP.

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